Hi! I'm Rebecca, Founder of Captured

My Top Ten

Camping, Hiking, Just being outside

Ice Cream, yes any time of year!

Autumn, especially in New England

Dogs.. "Can I say hi to your dog?"

A cold beer, there's nothing quite like it

Campfires, need I say more?

Donuts, everywhere we go we try a new place!

The Office, I seriously laugh out loud every episode

Road Trips, I'll drive anywhere!

John Mayer, I'm his biggest fan.. prove me wrong.


“Give me adventure, again, and again, and again, until my legs ache and lungs burn, and I know every single road home.” - Tyler Knott

The outdoors. Tall pines. Tiny tents and large mountains. Vintage cameras and hammocks. Donuts and beer. You know, the simple things in life. That's what makes me happy. How lucky am I to have grown up in New England and had the great outdoors at my fingertips? So, it was a no brainer to start a business in such a beautiful place doing the two things that I love the most, photography and design.

So how did Captured come to be? Well fast forward through years of amateur photography with a point and shoot, learning the ropes of photoshop in my High School photography course, a bachelor's degree in photography and graphic design, and years of experience behind the camera and computer screen.. and here we are. Still as passionate as ever to capture natural light, tell stories through photos, and help small businesses put their best foot forward. What is more genuine than that?

Want to hang out? I'll grab a coffee or a beer - whatever you're into!


Fun Facts

I'm a twin!

My boyfriend and I met in college + were friends before we dated.

I'm a triathlete 💪🏻

Yes, my curls are natural

I have the world's best rescue pup named Kita

I used to hate coffee - what was I thinking?

Boyfriend Ryan and Dog Kita in front of lake

My Two Favorites

This is my boyfriend, Ryan and our pup, Kita. They're the reason I stay sane during busy seasons, help me choose "which versions looks best" and the best roommates a gal could ask for. Other than Captured, they're my favorite in the entire world.